Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Plan for November Make a Garment a Month

My November project for the Make a Garment a Month Challenge is New Look 6779, a long sleeved knit I first made in 2004 as a short sleeved tee. I like the back seam and the side seam shaping of this pattern but the neckline has always been a bit wide.  I usually make View D which is bottom left

so I have modified View C which is at bottom right. It is a boat shaped neckline which doesn't suit me so it won't be missed and I have added tissue and redrawn the neckline as round. I'm hoping it works. Since our summer is on its way this top will have short sleeves.

I plan to use my walking foot to keep the stripes under control. 


  1. Oh, these are the stripes - if the fabric is firm enough it shouldn't be too hard to sew. Just watch the stripes at the bottom so that they too are where they should be!

    It's a neat little top :)

    1. The fabric has lycra in it and is very stretchy, but the walking foot and a lot of pins has helped. The top is finished except for the neckline which I forgot to consider when I altered it. Have been rummaging through my knitwit and kwik sew books for help today.

  2. Great plans - looking forward to seeing the top - and yes - isn't the walking foot the BEST!!!