Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Make a Garment a Month - The finished skirt (Vogue 1247)

I put the last stitches in my Rachel Comey skirt on Tuesday. I have never spent so much actual sewing time making a garment before. But I did all the things required of this pattern. I bound the seams and used an invisible zip, my first ever and without an invisible zip foot. That is something I am very proud of. You are never too old to learn something new.

The seam binding is fabric left over from my Sorbetto top. I also used it for the pocket lining.

I had a few problems of my own making along the way. Added a little extra to the side seams then had to take it out again. Because of my high round tummy I also put a couple of tiny darts extra in the front. Then I kept looking at that little bulge in the back seam mentioned in my previous post,  so I unpicked it yet again and made it a bit less obvious.

Finally when it came to hemming the skirt, it was very short, even though I had added 15cm to the length when I cut it out. If I did the recommended 5cm (2") hem it would have been above my knees by a bit too much. So I did the only thing I could and added a false hem. I was down to working with scraps by this time so the pieces have a few joins but it seems to hang ok and hits about mid-knee level..

 The fabric isn't purple as it appears in the top photos. The last photo is the true colour. It is Panama mechanical stretch, whatever that is and was purchased from Spotlight eons ago. An 80cm remnant it frayed like the devil and I'm lucky the binding stayed put. It was a close call in a few places.

All in all I am quite happy with this skirt. I haven't had much luck with A-line skirts before but I seem to have solved my usual fitting problems by using my straight skirt block to check the waist and hip sizing. I have no waist and very flat hips so finding an anchor isn't easy. The slightly high waistband sits above my tummy and is very comfortable for me.  It's a nice pattern and I will probably make it again but with a few shortcuts. Overlocking instead of binding  and making it a bit longer. The pattern is very short!!

This skirt also qualifies for my October Style the Stash.

For next month I will be making a simple short sleeved t-shirt from New Look 6779 which is probably OOP now. The lilac & white stripe knit I am using is only one or two  years old. Just a baby really.


  1. What a great post Kathy - you're a natural - as you say, never too old to learn :)

    This skirt looks lovely on you - I agree, a false hem was needed - you couldn't have gone shorter. It does look a bit fiddly - I agree, overlocking is the way to go - but it is nice to learn new things. I must really make this skirt myself one day. I've been reluctant because I wondered if it was too "young" but you have shown that it is not :)

    The zip looks fantastic - all in all a credit to you.

    Love your floorboards :)

  2. I agree with Sarah Liz that the skirt looks great on you.

    I had also wondered if this skirt would suit me since I too have a "high round tummy" (what a nice description) but you have made me rethink that.

    And I love the colour and that zip is perfect.

  3. Thank you Gaye. The skirt is really nice once you work around the fit. I love the pockets.

  4. I see this skirt made up all over blogland and always think it is so cute but am afraid to make it for the more 'mature' me. But I think you may have changed my mind as it looks terrific on you! Fresh and cute... very nice. Great invisible zip. That's on my list to learn too.

  5. Thank you Lisa. Just keep an eye on the length and go for it! I am very mature :)

  6. You did a beautiful job on the skirt. I have to compliment you on the beautiful zipper. It was worth all the work.

  7. Guess I am also joining the 'high-round-tummy' club ~ just love it! Your skirt looks fantastic, just the right length and beautifully made. Well done ... J

  8. Kathy,
    You did a wonderful job on this skirt.. Inside and out.. Looks great on you too.
    Happy sewing.