Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I finished my December Make a Garment Challenge on Friday and wore it all day yesterday. The temperature was over 37c degrees and I am happy to announce it was very cool and comfortable.

Vogue 1236

Because I made it from a 1.6m remnant my challenge was to fit the pattern pieces onto the fabric. I checked the finished measurements on the pattern and realised that a size 10 would fit me and by folding the fabric sides to middle I was able to cut out the front, back and both facings. I folded one half slightly wider than the other to fit the front shoulder on. Even so I had to fold out one pleat and sort of sqwoosh it flat to make the shoulder fit. Fortunately the extra pleat was not needed to make the dress fit over my bust.

This left me with scraps to make two pockets. After pondering for a while I joined several scraps together, keeping the grain lines straight. That gave me enough for two pocket pieces.
The other two pieces were cut from a worn sheet, pieced with two strips of fabric.

I used one pieced pocket and one calico pocket each side. Finally I used a very narrow hem, only 1.5cm (5/8")

Needless to say there was no fabric left for the tie, just scraps of scraps, so I wore it with a plaited belt, which actually looked quite nice.

I apologize for the mirror shots but my photographer is usually outside digging something up or chopping something down.

I love this dress. The fabric was a very cheap remnant, about $3 for the 1.6m and I had a bit of fun making it fit, but all in all I love the finished dress and will probably make another one with the right yardage and a self fabric belt next time.