Saturday, November 30, 2013

Plan for December

My Make a Garment Plan for December is another Vogue pattern.

This time it is #1236 a DKNY dress which I thought would be nice for Perth's hot summer months. Of course, not having an original thought in my head, I really wanted to make it in striped seersucker like the cover picture. Naturally I couldn't find any and as I am trying to use only stash material I finished up with a remnant of seersuckery type cotton I picked up at Spotlight a few months ago.

Only problem is pattern calls for 2.2 metres and I have 1.5 metres.

This will require some forward planning.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

My November top.

I finished my November top for Make a Garment a Month more than a week ago but have had to wait to get a picture.

I thought the stripes might give me some trouble especially as the fabric is a very stretchy jersey, but a walking foot and lots of pins kept everything on track and I am very pleased with the finished result.

Back seam
Side seam

The pattern originally had long sleeves but I shortened them for summer and altered the neckline so it was more a scoop than a boat. The pattern also called for facings which I didn't want and this created a new problem as I had forgotten how to calculate the necessary length for the neckband. I wanted a neckband to fill in a bit more of the neckline as it was still a bit too wide and low. I checked out my Knitwit and Kwik Sew books but the length was still too long to sit nice and snug. Eventually I came across a tutorial by Cal Patch. This was nearer to the sizing I was looking for but due to the stretchiness of my fabric I had to remove a bit more length. Eventually I got it almost right. There are a few puckers in the neckband but it sits ok so I'm happy.

While I was waiting to take the photos I drafted an A-line shirt from my straight skirt draft thanks to instructions from Kat of Couture Academic blog. 

The fabric I used as a test was some weird spotty stuff I have had for ages. It has been washed three times and is still stiff. This turned out to be just what was needed for an A-line skirt. I didn't have enough for a waistband so I just bound the waist with black bias binding.  It turned out remarkably well as a wearable muslin if a tad short..

Now, what to make in December? Hmmmm!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Plan for November Make a Garment a Month

My November project for the Make a Garment a Month Challenge is New Look 6779, a long sleeved knit I first made in 2004 as a short sleeved tee. I like the back seam and the side seam shaping of this pattern but the neckline has always been a bit wide.  I usually make View D which is bottom left

so I have modified View C which is at bottom right. It is a boat shaped neckline which doesn't suit me so it won't be missed and I have added tissue and redrawn the neckline as round. I'm hoping it works. Since our summer is on its way this top will have short sleeves.

I plan to use my walking foot to keep the stripes under control.