Sunday, August 25, 2013

The House Dress

Way back when I was a young girl, stay-at-home mums were called housewives and while they did their household chores they frequently wore a house dress. This was a simple cotton washable garment worn to preserve their "good dresses" for shopping or visiting.

With Perth's hot summer just around the corner I decided that I could do with a few  dresses myself instead of  the shorts and t-shirts which have been my usual everyday wear in recent years. Also it was a good opportunity to use up some of my ancient stash.

I started with a McCall's pattern also from my stash, but as all my sewing gear is packed up in readiness for the big move next week the number escapes me.  The hem is only pinned up at the moment but I wanted to get it photographed for the Style the Stash Sew a long.

The fabric is some stretch woven something or other I bought several years ago from Spotlight. It's quite colourful and I was surprised to see how the blue blobs formed such a pleasing diagonal pattern. It was quite accidental.

I don't have any firm ideas for September, but hope to get something made when my new sewing room is set up. Even if it is only another dress.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Upcycle, refashion, call it what you will.

This top started life as a dress I bought about 2 years ago. A sundress with shoulder straps that kept falling off my shoulders. I wore it twice then thought it was a little too young for my mature years so chucked it in the charity bag. I really liked the fabric though so I cut the bodice off and used the skirt material for this Sorbetto Top.
The band and trim were already part of the skirt so I just cut the pattern to include them and stitched up the side seams. I didn't have enough leftover fabric to make the bias binding but managed to buy some ready made that was almost the right colour. It will make a nice cool top for the summer.

While I was in the refashioning mood I lopped the long sleeves off this McCalls 5433 Shirt and made them short sleeves. I think I will get more wear out of it this way.

I still haven't started to sew the dress I cut out for my August Stash project. I have one week before I have to pack up my sewing room for the big move to our new (to us) house. I guess I'd better get a move on.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

July Project

 My July project was a pair of Style Arc Linda Pants in black Bengaline. I did get them finished in July but didn't get them hemmed until Friday, however I am claiming them as a July stashbuster and I used 1.5metres. This bengaline has been in my stash for at least 2 years, maybe longer and was way overdue to be used.
This is the second time I have made these pants but I had a little trouble with the fit this time. Mainly because I stitched 1/4inch seams instead of 1 cm. (Note to self: Read instructions next time instead of relying on memory) After correcting this they fit fine. I also adjusted for a bigger waist and a flat bottom.
I hemmed them with my Janome blind hem foot. First time I've used it and it was wonderful. Why haven't I used it before. :-)
I have a summer dress cut out for August but as we will be moving house in 4 weeks time I'm not too sure if it will get finished. Here's hoping.

Monday, August 5, 2013


Well I've started a blog but I'm not sure where I go to from here. I sew sometimes, when I'm not reading or sitting at the computer devouring other people's blogs. A lot of my sewing time is taken up daydreaming about what I would like to make and planning wonderful creations, but in truth I'm lucky if I can crank out one garment a month.

I joined Sarah Liz's 2013 Style The Stash Sew A Long in an effort to encourage me to be more productive and to use some of the fabric I have been buying for years because I kept telling myself  "I can make that" when I saw something in the shops that I liked. Of course I never made it. Also a lot of the fabric has lost its charm over the years so will do nicely for muslins in the never-ending search for fitting perfection.

Anyway thanks to the sewalong I have made a skirt and a jacket in June

StyleArc Abby Cardi
    Self-drafted Pencil Skirt

and a pair of black pants in July. Now I have to come up with something for August.

When I work out how to insert pictures this blog will be illustrated with my endeavours. I hope.