Barbie Wardrobe

Vogue Craft 7536


  1. These are very cute! I am so impressed with your work :)

    1. Thank you, Hana. They were fun to make but very fiddly. I have a Simplicity pattern for Fashion Dolls to try out one day, as well.

  2. I saw your comment at Hana's blog and had to come see too! These are beautiful Kathy! Your attention to detail on these tiny clothes is amazing. My grandmother made my Barbie clothes when I was a little girl and I think I might have helped her with a few. Still remember how teeny tiny everything had to be. She's been long gone now, but still have most of the clothes she made and my girls played with them when they were little. Now they're grown and the Barbie clothes are in a special place now. The handmade Barbie clothes are so superior to the store-bought versions. Anyway, thanks for sharing yours and triggering a walk down memory lane for me!