Saturday, November 30, 2013

Plan for December

My Make a Garment Plan for December is another Vogue pattern.

This time it is #1236 a DKNY dress which I thought would be nice for Perth's hot summer months. Of course, not having an original thought in my head, I really wanted to make it in striped seersucker like the cover picture. Naturally I couldn't find any and as I am trying to use only stash material I finished up with a remnant of seersuckery type cotton I picked up at Spotlight a few months ago.

Only problem is pattern calls for 2.2 metres and I have 1.5 metres.

This will require some forward planning.


  1. I often find I'm a little short of fabric, as I nearly always sew with repurposed and op-shopped remnants, and stash fabric. It takes some thought, doesn't it? Contrast belt, pocket linings and bindings? False hem or contrast border/blocking on lower portion of the skirt?

    I'm looking forward to finding out how you get around that missing 0.7 m.

  2. I thnk Adele has some good ideas - you are certainly going to have to juggle the layout a few times.

    1. There is nothing like a challenge to keep the brain cells active. :)

    2. Something that is much needed as we get older. The brain actually changes around the age of 50, and with learning, the remaining dendrites tend to strengthen.