Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Catching up

My husband and I have just returned from a holiday in England and a Mediterranean cruise. Before we left I completed my May garment, a pair of Style Arc Barb pants, and then dived straight into a top for June. Kwik Sew 3740 View A.

The Barb's were made from a khaki/brownish stretch gabardine on sale at Spotlight some time ago. (fancy that!) I got this pattern because it was advertised as Linda pants with a slimmer leg. While the legs are indeed slimmer than Linda I feel the rest of the pants don't fit me as well. Comparing the two patterns I noticed a difference in the shape of the crotch, but decided to go ahead and use Barb as it came. I wore them a few times while we were overseas but although they look nice they don't feel as comfortable as Linda. The crotch is shorter and there is a bit of bagginess under the bottom at the back. I pinched out a fold of fabric and they looked much better so the pattern will need to be altered before I use it again.

That's not dust on the mirror, my camera seems to have developed a strange spotty overlay.

On to Kwik Sew 3740. I have made this top twice before. First time View A with the cowl and long sleeves, size medium, which required an incredible amount of "taking in" before it fit me. I feel the the stretchiness of the fabric had a lot to do with that problem. Next time I made view B size small with the neckline raised 5cm and with short sleeves. A much better fit.

This time I made view A again but raised the neckline 3 cm, used small size instead of medium, cut extra small sleeves (I have skinny arms) and the cowl in extra small to fit the altered neckline. It turned out well. The fabric is a poly/lycra knit another sale special from Spotlight and the colours aren't me at all, but it was cheap!!! You have to buy it when they're practically giving it away, don't you? It was originally intended for a dress but the weaving terrazzo path pattern was very difficult to place without giving me bulbous hips or weird shaped bosoms, so a top it became with the pattern pieces placed randomly to avoid the snakelike design.

Both of these garments accompanied us on our 5 week holiday to England and Europe, but wouldn't you know it, we had the first hot summer I have ever encountered in 5 previous trips. Long sleeved tops were not the most useful things to have packed. Luckily I packed short sleeves as well.

After we got home and the jet lag had worn off, I started sewing the Style Arc Simone cardi I had cut out before leaving. I had had visions of taking it with me but time ran out so it was ready and waiting when I got back.
The strange pucker is caused by my hand tilting, not a quirky pattern design.
What a treasure! It went together smoothly, it has drape without dangles and the most intriguing pockets. Built in pockets! I'm in love. The fabric is a wool/acrylic knit in navy blue, again from Spotlight but I think I paid a bit more for this. I got a size 10 but if I have one complaint it is I should have got a size 12 as I could do with a bit more ease. I usually get tops in a 12 from Style Arc so not sure why I made that mistake. Even so, it is a lovely cardigan and I shall get a lot of wear out of it.

I'm still debating what to make for August. So much fabric, so many patterns. Something for summer, perhaps?