Sunday, August 25, 2013

The House Dress

Way back when I was a young girl, stay-at-home mums were called housewives and while they did their household chores they frequently wore a house dress. This was a simple cotton washable garment worn to preserve their "good dresses" for shopping or visiting.

With Perth's hot summer just around the corner I decided that I could do with a few  dresses myself instead of  the shorts and t-shirts which have been my usual everyday wear in recent years. Also it was a good opportunity to use up some of my ancient stash.

I started with a McCall's pattern also from my stash, but as all my sewing gear is packed up in readiness for the big move next week the number escapes me.  The hem is only pinned up at the moment but I wanted to get it photographed for the Style the Stash Sew a long.

The fabric is some stretch woven something or other I bought several years ago from Spotlight. It's quite colourful and I was surprised to see how the blue blobs formed such a pleasing diagonal pattern. It was quite accidental.

I don't have any firm ideas for September, but hope to get something made when my new sewing room is set up. Even if it is only another dress.


  1. Lovely bright dress to cheer you up during the housework and good luck with the move.

  2. I remember the good old 'house-dress!' They really are a great idea, and I love the look of your one. September's garment will be the first in your new room - can't wait to see it...J

  3. What a cute dress..
    I love the house dresses.. And I too, have been wearing t-shirts and shorts..But, really prefer house dresses.. ha