Monday, March 3, 2014

February top

Most of last month was taken up by making a fitted muslin from a very loose boxy OOP Simplicity pattern dating from 1994
Simplicity 9086
My inspiration for this idea was the talented Sharon of Petite and Sewing.  Her Vogue pattern is very similar in style to my pattern, so I thought "I can do that".

When I first made this top back in 1998 I made size 12. It was a bit loose but wearable. It finished up at the op shop though because the facings showed through the white fabric and I didn't like that. The pattern has languished in my stash since then.

Well I made the muslin and I fitted it and trimmed it and fitted it some more and it was enormous. Then I looked at the finished measurements on the pattern. (I've learned a lot since 1998) size 12  is 42-1/2 inches (108cm.) Even size 8 is 40 inches (102cm) Help!! My bust measurement is 92cm. So I lopped more off and finally reached something that felt reasonable.

By this time I wasn't going to risk any fabric that I really liked so I found some poly jacquard that I bought back when Spotlight still had a store in Perth (for those of you not in Perth that's a long long time ago)

With March breathing down my neck, did I knock up something quick? Oh no! I decided to do something I've never done before - french seams. Then I fancied a side invisible zipper like Sharon did so I put that in too. And I hated those facings first time round so I bound the neckline with a bias strip and finally it was finished.
It's still a little on the big side so will need a further nip and tuck.
Side seam invisible zip.

This one is pinned up to a shorter length. Unsure which is better.

I would like to finish by thanking Sharon for inspiring me to try this. I will make another now I know where to make the changes. My aim is to have a blouse that fits as beautifully as hers does.


  1. You are certainly well down the track to having a well fitting blouse. I'm not sure about the length - - the shorter one doesn't seem to have enough length to balance the sleeve length. The colour is very flattering.

    1. Funny you should say that, I'm wondering whether to shorten the sleeves a fraction, too.

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  3. That worked out great. I think even your practice top looks great on you - nice color!

  4. Kathy, a side zipper is something I haven't tried. Your top is nice!

  5. Lovely top and fabric color :-)

  6. Your top looks fantastic and so glad I could inspire you to have a go. The colour is lovely on you and you have done a lovely job with the size zip.