Monday, September 30, 2013

I made it!

I finished my September stashbuster with moments to spare.  Although it wouldn't matter if I hadn't made something for September it's a nice feeling to know that I haven't let myself down.

This time I made another Colette Sorbetto top. This is the fourth time I have made this top, it is so easy and so comfortable for the hot weather. I used a metre of quilting cotton I had bought for the Craftsy Block of the Month quilt I made last year but I only used one small piece so there was enough left to make the top and the bias binding as well. I had to put a seam in the back to fit the pattern on the fabric but a back seam suits my shape better anyway.

The buttons came from my collection but where they came from originally I have no idea. The colour is a good match for the tiny flowers and that is all I was looking for.

I am quite happy with this top.  The fabric is pretty and even though I don't usually wear yellow I will make an exception this time.

October will be the Rachel Comey skirt from Vogue 1247. I have been promising myself to make this ever since I bought it. Now is the time!!! There, I have put it in writing.


  1. Love your top - very pretty - will be great for Summer. Great job.

    1. Sorbetto.. such a wonderful pattern.. I love the fabric you chose too. Happy sewing.