Thursday, December 12, 2019

Gifted fabric sewn at last.

My sister sent me a length of fabric years and years ago. It sat mouldering maturing in my stash while I wondered what to make with it. Although I thought it was kind of her, it wasn't a colour that I would have chosen for myself. Not wanting to seem ungrateful I pulled it out every now and then, pondered briefly and put it back.

I discussed the matter with her several times by phone (she lives in Melbourne)  and eventually we settled on a shirt or blouse. I didn't want a collar, so Itch-to-Stitch Bonn shirt raised its hand and waved madly.  My first time making this pattern was a disaster to say the least, but I made the necessary alterations (forward shoulder and round back adjustments) and the second effort in black with white spots was a total success. No worries, then, you say. Wrong!

The neckband and I have a love hate relationship. I love the finished look - I hate putting it on. However after three attempts I succeeded.

I didn't want to buy buttons so I rummaged around in my button jar and selected a couple of possibles.

I had seven of the peachy ones but....
they didn't look quite right. Too pale.

The black with the gold rim were perfect, however I had only four. I  really needed five but I was determined to make four be enough so the bottom button is absent. If absolutely necessary I will put a press stud (snap fastener) there.

I am quite pleased with the finished blouse and relieved that my sister's fabric has been made up at last.

As a little light relief I made a couple of outfits for Barbie.

The blouse and capris are from a very old Vogue Barbie pattern now out of print. The jumper is modified from a free T-shirt pattern from  Pixie Faire, a little warm for our summer weather but I guess it's better than being starkers (stark naked).  I should make the original sleeveless version for her.

We are having a heatwave here in Perth. 40 degrees celsius expected for four days at least. I hope it will be a little cooler on Christmas Day.

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